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FILME Roma — disponível na Netflix

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I’m by no means anti-Netflix. In fact, more often than not, I’d prefer to stay home and stream something rather then venture out to a theater. But Roma demands to be seen on the big screen (thankfully, Netflix is giving it a limited theatrical release).Cuarón’s breathtaking 65mm cinematography demands to be projected large, and the film’s slow, deliberate, quiet nature is not the type of thing to be simply streamed in the background as viewers check their cellphones. To do so would to do this film, and yourself, a diservice. The world is often harsh and unforgiving, and when a film with such compassion comes along, we owe it to ourselves to embrace it. To accept the empathy this film is radiating, and try to take a little of it home with us.


Preciso assistir a obra-prima no cinema.

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