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  1. Chiquinho

    ÁLBUM Nicki Minaj - Queen

  2. abrookeur

    ÁLBUM Tiago Iorc - Reconstrução

  3. Andrx

    ÁLBUM Hayley Kiyoko - Expectations

    Lançamento: 30 de março Tracklist: 1. Expectations/Overture 2. Feelings 3. What I Need (feat. Kehlani) 4. Sleepover 5. Mercy/Gatekeeper 6. Under The Blue/Take Me In 7. Curious 8. xx 9. Wanna Be Missed 10. He’ll Never Love You (HNLY) 11. Palm Dreams 12. Molecules 13. Let It Be Buzz: 1st single: 2nd single: Curious
  4. Aleksander

    ÁLBUM Joy Williams - Front Porch
  5. Aleksander

    ÁLBUM Oh Land - Family Tree
  6. phh

    ÁLBUM Park Bom - Re: Blue Rose

    Tracklist: 1. 4:44 (feat. Wheein do MAMAMOO) 2. Spring (Reggae version feat. Dara) 3. My Lover 4. Shameful 5. Spring (Ballad version feat. Park GoEun) Data: 2 de Maio x
  7. Nathan

    ÁLBUM Emma Bunton - My Happy Place

    Após 13 anos de hiato da carreira solo, a eterna Baby Spice fará seu tão aguardado comeback em abril. "After more than a decade since her last solo album, EMMA BUNTON IS BACK! MY HAPPY PLACE, out in April, is a 10-track album made up of original tracks, covers and duets with the likes of Robbie Williams, Will Young and her husband, Jade Jones. Off the back of the successful Spice Girls UK tour announce last year, her project will be launching with the brand new single “Baby Please Don’t Stop,” written by Emma. The album will be released before the band head out on their tour which includes 3 nights at Wembley stadium!" Tracklist: 1. Baby Please Don't Stop 2. I Wish I Could Have Loved You More 3. Too Many Teardrops 4. I Only Want to Be with You (feat. Will Young) 5. Don't Call Me Baby 6. You're All I Need to Get By (feat. Jade Jones) 7. Come Away with Me (feat. Josh Kumra) 8. Emotion 9. 2 Become 1 (feat. Robbie Williams) 10. Here Comes the Sun
  8. Marcelo David

    ÁLBUM Hozier - Wasteland, Baby!

    TRACKLIST 1. Nina Cried Power (featuring Mavis Staples)2. Almost (Sweet Music)3. Movement 4. No Plan5. Nobody6. To Noise Making (Sing)7. As It Was8. Shrike9. Talk Refined10. Be11. Dinner & Diatribes12. Would That I13. Sunlight14. Wasteland, Baby! Lançamento: 01 de Março
  9. 29 de março 1. !!!!!!! 2. bad guy 3. xanny 4. you should see me in a crown 5. all the good girls go to hell 6. wish you were gay 7. when the party's over 8. 8 9. my strange addiction 10. bury a friend 11. ilomilo 12. listen before i go 13. i love you 14. goodbye
  10. Wando Cadete

    ÁLBUM Kelsey Lu - Blood

    Debut albúm de uma artista de verdade Gente escutem tá muito bom!!! Vejo ela como um mistura de sza com Björk ela lançou 3 singles ESSE COVER É SIMPLESMENTE MARAVILHOSO CLIPE PARECE DA SOLANGE VOCALS EXCELLENCE DO ATUAL SINGLE
  11. Velvet Blue

    ÁLBUM Kelsey Lu - Blood

    Ai gente, esse álbum ta perfeito, foi lançado ontem, ela é maravilhosa também, recomendo muito esse cover <3
  12. renan90

    ÁLBUM Various Artists - Ugly Dolls

    26 de Abril 1. Broken & Beautiful (from the movie UGLYDOLLS) - By Kelly Clarkson 2. Couldn't Be Better (Pop Version) - By Kelly Clarkson 3. Today's the Day - By Kelly Clarkson 4. Couldn't Be Better (Movie Version) - By Kelly Clarkson & UglyDolls Cast 5. Today's the (Perfect) Day - By UglyDolls Cast 6. The Ugly Truth - By Nick Jonas 7. You Make My Dreams - By Pentatonix 8. The Uglier Truth - By Nick Jonas 9. All Dolled Up (feat. Kelly Clarkson) - By Janelle Monáe 10. Unbreakable - By Janelle Monáe & Kelly Clarkson 11. The Big Finale - By UglyDolls Cast 12. Girl in the Mirror - By Bebe Rexha 13. Ugly (English Version) - By Larissa 14. Don't Change - By Why Don't We 15. Wallflowers & Weeds - By Blake Shelton 16. Ugly (Spanish Version) - By Larissa
  13. Honey ❤

    ÁLBUM Little Mix - LM5

    STREAM TRACKLIST 1. National Manthem 2. Woman Like Me (feat. Nicki Minaj) 3. Think About Us 4. Strip (feat. Sharaya J) 5. Monster In Me 6. Joan of Arc 7. Love a Girl Right 8. American Boy 9. Told You So 10. Wasabi 11. More Than Words (feat. Kamille) 12. Motivate 13. Notice 14. The Cure 15. Forget You Not 16. Woman's World 17. The Cure (Stripped) 18. Only You (with Cheat Codes) CAPAS ALTERNATIVAS LEAD SINGLE SECOND SINGLE SINGLES PROMOS ♥ FAMIXERS ♥
  14. renan90

    ÁLBUM Maren Morris - GIRL

    08 de março 01. GIRL 02. The Feels 03. All My Favorite Girls (feat. Brothers Osborne) 04. A Song For Everything 05. Common (feat. Brandi Carlile) 06. Flavor 07. Make Out With Me 08. Gold Love 09. Great Ones 10. RSVP 11. To Hell & Black 12. The Bones 13. Good Woman 14. Shade
  15. Aleksander

    ÁLBUM Billie Marten - Feeding Seahorses by Hand
  16. Aleksander

    ÁLBUM AJR - Neotheater

  17. afonso

    ÁLBUM Cage The Elephant - Social Cues

    19 de Abril Tracklist 1. Broken Boy 2. Social Cues 3. Black Madonna 4. Night Running (ft. Beck) 5. Skin and Bones 6. Ready to Let Go 7. House of Glass 8. Love's the Only Way 9. The War Is Over 10. Dance Dance 11. What I'm Becoming 12. Tokyo Smoke 13. Goodbye
  18. Parzival

    ÁLBUM Various Artists - MOOMINVALLEY

    Theme Song (I'm Far Away) by MØ Starlight by ALMA Summer Day by Tom Odell Back to the Cave by Colonel Suns Love Me with All Your Heart by Delilah Montagu Home Again by First Aid Kit There Is Something in the Forest by Emilíana Torrini & The Colorist Orchestra Home by Josef Salvat All Small Beasts Should Have Bows in Their Tails by Ellinoora Free Spirit by Josef Salvat Country Air by Soak By Your Side by Mellah In Blue by Declan McKenna Northern Lights by MØ & Goss Ready Now by dodie The Author by Roosberg Lançamento Oficial 19/04