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  1. Andrx

    ÁLBUM Bebe Rexha - Expectations

    Se não fosse essa chata do The Guardian, ia entrar com quase 80 kkk ódio Pelo menos foi a única review negativa até agora
  2. Andrx

    ÁLBUM Bebe Rexha - Expectations

    Se conseguir mais duas notas 80, ela debuta com 68
  3. Andrx

    ÁLBUM Bebe Rexha - Expectations

    A mulher do The Guardian derrubou muito a média kk chata
  4. Andrx

    ÁLBUM Bebe Rexha - Expectations

    5. Ela recebeu 4 estrelas do Idolator e da Vulture, mas não contam para o meta
  5. Andrx

    ÁLBUM Bebe Rexha - Expectations

    Porque ainda falta mais 2 reviews
  6. Andrx

    ÁLBUM Bebe Rexha - Expectations

    Amo. Que bom que gostou 
  7. Andrx

    ÁLBUM Bebe Rexha - Expectations

    Socorro, colocaram em #20
  8. Sim, é meio sem sentido, mas daqui pra frente a maioria dos álbuns só vão conseguir certificado assim. Tem um lado bom e um ruim
  9. Andrx

    ÁLBUM Bebe Rexha - Expectations

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  11. Though Rexha works with a range of producers here, ‘Expectations’ is generally pretty cohesive, with many tracks built around tropical or trap-influenced beats and guitar lines inspired by No Doubt. Recruiting Migos’ Quavo to rap about private jets on ‘2 Souls On Fire’ feels incongruous, and her cute country hit ‘Meant To Be’ ends the album with a loved-up smile rather than its typically gutsy grimace. But these slight aberrations are outweighed by catchy but anguished pop songs like ‘Steady’, about a toxic relationship, and ‘Shining Star’, on which she rhymes “fucked up ways” with “drunken gaze”. ‘Expectations’ isn’t flawless, but it’s a compelling re-introduction to an underrated artist – one capable of putting her own stamp on current pop sounds. On this evidence, Rexha’s Wikipedia page will soon be due an update. 4 estrelas [Exclusivo aos membros] With three substantial EPs out in the world, it’s easy to forget Rexha hasn’t released a record because she’s essentially been a content goldmine. Rexha’s debut album is full of flawed, self-deprecating and boundary-pushing pop offerings. She starts off strong with the stripped-down, cinematic pop opener “Ferrari” before centring on her shortcomings on “I’m A Mess”. Of course there are the brassy bops like “I Got You” and the hedonistic “Self Control”, however Rexha gets experimental on “Shining Star”: a salsa-tinged piece that tells the story of a bad girl falling in love. But when there’s a hyperfocus on her vocals and production is kept to a minimum (“Grace” and “Pillow”) she reveals a Gaga-esque song power. “I wish I could read your mind/Instead I have to read your eyes,” she pleas on “Knees”, desperately asking to be set free from a relationship. While the record could have been a few songs shorter, Expectations is expansive in that it isn’t one big radio hit after another, which proves Rexha is opting for longevity instead of manufactured pop. 4 estrelas [Exclusivo aos membros]
  12. Lixos. NME e Independent UK deram 80, reis sensatos