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  1. ÁLBUM

    Lançamento: 24 de Março
  2. ÁLBUM

    Primeiro álbum do duo formado por Mike Posner e blackbear TRACKLIST 01. Snoozefest 02. My Beloved 03. STFU (feat. Spark Master Tape) 04. Dennis Rodman (feat. Dennis Rodaman) 05. I'm Thinking About Horses 06. Nobody Knows (feat. Soren Bryce) 07. A Million Miles 08. Wicked (feat. G-Eazy) 09. Rich White Girls 10. Strip Club 11. White Linen (feat. Cyhi The Prynce) 12. Gorgeous 13. Life of a Troubadour (feat. Snooze God) LANÇAMENTO 24 de Março SINGLES
  3. ÁLBUM

    1st. Single: Lush Life 2nd. Single: Never Forget You 3nd. Single: Ain't My Fault 4th. Single: I Would Like 5th. Single: So Good (feat. Ty Dolla $ign)
  4. ÁLBUM

    “The Afterlove” is the upcoming fifth studio album by English singer-songwriter and former reconnaissance officer for the British Army James Blunt. It’s scheduled to be released during the first quarter of this year via Atlantic Records. The pre-order of the album arrives on Friday January 27th along the premiere of the first promotional single. DATA: 24/03
  5. ÁLBUM

    Debut álbum de uma das promessas de 2017, o cantor texano de R&B, Khalid, de 19 anos. Lançamento: 03/03 Tracklist: 1. American Teen 2. Young Dumb & Broke 3. Location 4. Another Sad Love Song 5. Saved 6. Coaster 7. 8TEEN 8. Let's Go 9. Hopeless 10. Cold Blooded 11. Winter 12. Therapy 13. Keep Me 14. Shot Down 15. Angels Spotify e Vevo
  6. Lançamento: 02 de Junho de 2017
  7. ÁLBUM

    Moxie Raia celebrates the one-year anniversary of the release of her debut mixtape 931 by sharing 996, a collaborative project with renowned DJ MICK with additional work from Chi Duly. The project was made out of their respective appreciation for hip-hop from 1996, and as MICK says, it channels a " love affair to hip-hop past and present." Stream 996 and learn more about how the project came together below. Download Grátis
  8. ÁLBUM

    Lançamento: 24 de março Tracklist: 1.American 2.Kitty Girl 3.Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve & Talent 4.Broke Me Down 5.Getaway 6.Call Me Mother 7.Spotlight 8.Mighty Love (feat. KUMMERSPECK) 9.Hey Doll 10.Lady Cowboy 11.It Ain't Over Spotify: iTunes:
  9. ÁLBUM

    1st single 2nd single 3rd single: Lançamento 03/03 #1 no iTunes de 4 países Promo single: Promo Single Promo Single Clipes: No Sé Llorar Volvamos Dejarte de Amar Datas da DM World Tour: Jalisco: Plaza de Toros Fermín Espinosa - 18/02 Champotón: Plaza Angel Castillo - 24/02 Cidade do México: Teatro Metropolitan - 24/03 Rio de Janeiro: Sacadura 154 - 02/04 Curitiba: Ópera de Arame - 05/04 Porto Alegre: Bar Opnião - 07/04 São Paulo: Audio Club - 09/04 Madrid: Sala Taf - 08/07 Colômbia: Mais informações em breve Siga a Rainha nas Redes Sociais: Instagram Twitter Facebook First pros fãs e admiradores da rainha @Pedro Gabriel @gusluke @lali @Loann @Toni Pereira @Társilo @rod @Alan Jr @Felipe Lopes @danielc3 SÓ VEM HINÁRIO
  10. ÁLBUM

  11. 09.06.2017 STANDART 1. Rooting for You 2. Big Picture 3. Wild Eyed 4. Oh Woman Oh Man 5. Hell to the Liars 6. Everyone Else 7. Non Believer 8. Bones of Ribbon 9. Who Am I 10. Leave the War With Me 11. Truth Is a Beautiful Thing DELUXE 12. What a Day 13. Different Breeds 14. Control 15. Trials (Demo) 16. May the Best (Church Mix) 17. Rooting for You (Demo) 18. Bitter Sweet Symphony (Live)
  12. ÁLBUM

    Debut álbum da cantora inglesa. CAPA LANÇAMENTO 02 DE JUNHO DE 2017 TRACKLIST 1 TBA 2 Last Dance 3 Hotter Than Hell 4 Be the One 5 TBA 6 Blow Your Mind 7 New Love 8 TBA 9 Thinking ‘Bout You 10 Room for 2 11 TBA 12 TBA DELUXE: 13 TBA 14 TBA 15 TBA 16 TBA 17 TBA SINGLES NEW LOVE BE THE ONE LAST DANCE HOTTER THAN HELL
  13. ÁLBUM

    24 de março de 2017 1. The Mind (Instrumental) 2. Identify 3. All That Matters 4. Brand New Life 5. Technicolor 6. The Body (Instrumental) 7. In My Veins 8. Down 9. I Would Choose You 10. Warriors 11. Human 12. The Spirit (Instrumental) 13. No Greater Love 14. Breathe 15. High 16. The Other Side 17. Autopsy
  14. ÁLBUM

    Data de lançamento: 28 de Abril Tracklist:
  15. Lançamento: 07 de abril pela Disruptor/Columbia Records Tracklist: 01. Memories…Do Not Open | Andrew Taggart, Emily Warren & Scott Harris 02. The One | Andrew Taggart, Sean Scanlon, Michael Kamerman, Beau Kuther, Ryan Rabin, Ryan McMahon & Ben Berger 03. Break Up Every Night | Andrew Taggart, Peter Hanna, Taylor Bird & Sean Jacobs 04. Don’t Say (feat. Emily Warren) | Andrew Taggart, Emily Warren & Britt Burton 05. Something Just Like This (The Chainsmokers & Coldplay)| Andrew Taggart, Christopher Martin, Guy Berryman, Jonny Buckland & Will Champion 06. My Type (feat. Emily Warren) | Andrew Taggart, Phoebe Ryan, Kane Parfitt, Matt Homes, Phil Leigh & Phil Plested 07. I Won’t Kill Ya (feat. Louane) | Track 7: Andrew Taggart, Emily Warren & Scott Harris 08. Paris | Fredrik Häggstam, Andrew Taggart & Kris Eriksson 09. Honest | Andrew Taggart, Sam Martin & Shun 10. Wake Up Alone (feat. Jhené Aiko) | Andrew Taggart, Audra Mae & Sean Douglas 11. Young | Andrew Taggart, Emily Warren, Joni Fatora, Imad Royal & Brenton Duvall 12. Last Day Alive (feat. Florida-Georgia Line) | Andrew Taggart, Dan Reynolds & Ido Zmishlany 1º single 2º single
  16. ÁLBUM

    Lançamento: Junho "Lily revealed during her conversation on the political podcast "NEWSROAST" w/ Jolyon Rubinstein & Heydon Powse, that her 4th studio is expected to be released in June, the album features songs about the break-up of her marriage, her kids & of course politics" Prováveis faixas do álbum - Trigger Bang - The Fourth Wall - My Guy - You're Onto Me - Liar - On Tv - Monster - Kimono - Change Your Mind - As A Friend - I Don't Wanna Fall in Love - Need You Here - We Got One - I Fail - Come On Then - Waste My Time - Only 3 - Kill For The Fame -Dafodils -Don't Watch My London -Heart Bleeds
  17. ÁLBUM

    Lançamento: 10 de março Tópico do álbum que vai vir em setembro:
  18. Músicas cantadas no episódio musical de The Flash que foram ao ar ontem (21/03). Deve sair no Spotify em breve.
  19. Todrick Hall relançou seu álbum Straight Outta Oz, lançado ano passado. O álbum visual agora conta com 5 novas músicas, uma em parceira com o Superfruit (sub-unit do Pentatonix), outra com participação de RuPaul e uma cantada por Raven-Symoné, além de novas versões do clipe de Expensive (agora com a participação de drags), de "Wrong Bitch" e "Lions and Tigers and Bears" (interpretada antes por Amber Riley e agora por Tamar Braxton) NOVAS MÚSICAS Black and White (feat. Superfuit) [11:15] Whoop Dat Ass (25:28) Flying Monkey Lament 1 (by Raven-Symoné) [27:43] Flying Monkey Lament 2 (48:49) Low (feat. RuPaul) [1:06:03] NOVOS VÍDEOS Expensive (22:28) Lions and Tigers and Bears (39:51) Wrong Bitch (52:27)
  20. ÁLBUM

    17/03/2017 Spirit – Deluxe Edition TracklistDisc 101. Going Backwards02. Where’s the Revolution03. The Worst Crime04. Scum05. You Move06. Cover Me07. Eternal08. Poison Heart09. So Much Love10. Poorman11. No More (This is the Last Time)12. FailDisc 2 – Jungle Spirit Mixes01. Cover Me (Alt Out)02. Scum (Frenetic Mix)03. Poison Heart (Tripped Mix)04. Fail (Cinematic Cut)05. So Much Love (Machine Mix)
  21. ÁLBUM

    Lançamento: 16 de Junho Green Light Liability
  22. ÁLBUM

    STANDART EDITION 1. Eraser 2. Castle On The Hill 3. Dive 4. Shape Of You 5. Perfect 6. Galway Girl 7. Happier 8. New Man 9. Hearts Don’t Break Around Here 10. What Do I Know? 11. How Would You Feel (Paean) 12. Supermarket Flowers DELUXE EDITION 13. Barcelona 14. Bibia Be Ye Ye 15. Nancy Mulligan 16. Save Myself
  23. ÁLBUM

    Lançamento: 17/03/2017 Gravadora: RCA, Polo Grounds, Mr. 305 Promo & buzz singles Tracklist O1. We Are Strong (feat. Kiesza) O2. Bad Man (feat. Robin Thicke, Joe Perry and Travis Barker) O3. Greenlight (feat. Flo Rida & LunchMoney Lewis) O4. Messin' Around (feat. Enrique Iglesias) O5. Better On Me (feat. Ty Dolla $ign) O6. Sexy Body (with Jennifer Lopez) O7. Freedom O8. Options (feat. Stephen Marley) O9. Educate Ya (feat. Jason Derulo) 1O. Only Ones to Know (feat. Leona Lewis) 11. Dedicated (feat. R. Kelly & Austin Mahone) 12. Can’t Have (feat. Steven A. Clark & Ape Drums) 1º single Messin' Around (feat. Enrique Iglesias) Michael Calderon, AJ Junior, Gary Richrath, Jorge Gomez, Jose Garcia, Jimmy Thornfeldt, Enrique Iglesias & Armando C. Perez 2º single Greenlight (feat. Flo Rida & LunchMoney Lewis) Lukasz Gottwald, Henry Walter, Tramar Dillard, Gamal Lewis & Armando C. Perez 3º single Options (feat. Stephen Marley) Sean Douglas, Stephen Marley, Ian Kirkpatrick, Armando C. Perez, Mitch Allan, Jason Evigan, Sam Martin & Joshua Gallander