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  1. I though people had quit quoting rubbish marketing communications as facts for many years.
  2. Once again, I / workers at the site never claimed it to be official, you are the one being pressed about that. Then, again, "official" means litterally official, which means food for the masses, it doesn't mean accuracy, your issue if you think that means something is the Bible or not. You said that no formula exists to convert physical singles, you were wrong. And then, saying a source isn't official isn't the same as stating "é tudo fanfic da cabeça dele" from the top of your ignorance. Like it or not, I challenge you to give me one website providing comprehensive charts & sales data which is more accurate than mine or that comes even remotely close.
  3. I hope you understand that: - this TV show has no clue on charts and sales - Britney herself isn't checking net shipment reports daily - none of both has any kind of interest in telling what's exactly true, they would better do basic marketing - last but not least, this video is a fake made-up known for years Ok, now I'm done fixing the nonsense of all those trolls.
  4. All sales of compilations and DVDs are already factored in.
  5. 1) You are the only one obsessed with the "official" word, Chartmasters.org never claimed to be. 2) There is thousands of figures on the website that are more accurate than said official data: - Soundscan figures are official but missed tons of sales in the past (Clubs, Latin retailers, etc.) - I have various in-house net shipments of albums which are UNDER official figures by the OCC in the UK - Nearly all local releases from France had their sales downgraded by 30% due to the poor representation of GSA on their panel during IFOP years (1995/2007) - Spanish data involves barely 79% of retailers - Italian certifications are based on scans extrapolated by a fixed percentage (previously 20%, now 10%), not even caring to check the target audience of records and how they match or not retailers outside the panel - Oricon figures excluded imports until 2003, downloads until last year - all certifications are blocked at a fixed amount due to threshold - etc, etc, etc It's ok if you are obsessed with the "official" tag, you may excuse people who care more about what's accurate instead.
  6. Just like the RIAA. Where is the problem? How on earth a YouTube view can be regarded as a non-indicator of popularity of a record?
  7. 1) Korean ringtones are unavailable and thus not included. 2) Figures are as they are, there is no inflation. What doesn't make sense is posting a message full of lies.
  8. Do you realize that already in the 50s, more than 60 years ago, the industry considered that 6 singles were worth 1 album? You are very late to the game. Formulas to put figures closer to an accurate perception of success / to the gross of an era is something that always existed. It isn't because you jumped into the bandwagon recently that you should try to discredit everything you don't know.
  9. I love your arguments which only point out your lack of intelligence. If you are proud of being a troll though that's fine.
  10. JT barely tops Bieber in album sales even if he started when the market was exclusively axed around albums. Obviously, you don't understand the mechanics of the music industry since you speak as if album sales are the bible. Feel free to remain ignorant, I don't mind.
  11. It seems you don't even know Alexa. Spreading ignorance in and out, superb.
  12. Just for you I add a couple of points: 4) Ringtones are certified by the RIAA 5) All digital figures of the IFPI for Top 10 Annual sellers include Ringtones too But since you don't know a thing about them you prefer act as if they never existed, no worries I get it.
  13. At least there is no doubt now that you are talking about something while being ignorant about it. Good job scratching the surface man.
  14. 1) Taylor is well ahead of Katy Perry 2) JT sold more ringtones than Bruno Mars 3) All formats are weighted to be converted into album sales, one ringtones isn't added directly to one album. The art of talking nonsense to try to look as if you know.
  15. It's precisely because I own the site that I know how accurate it is, unlike some wannabe experts who come criticizing something from the top of their ignorance.