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  1. O Time esta muito por acima da Demi para perder tempo nisso, ela já ficou humilhada sozinha por tanta ignorância e por demostrar que é uma fala-barata.
  2. A reposta era sim mas agora chegou o Kendrick.
  3. Basically, she is showing a tremendous ignorance. She suddenly discovers in 2017 that this POTY by Time Magazine is not aimed to be a cheap Nobel Prize but instead it points out the main figures of the year that will go down in history books, which may include Hitler as well as Kennedy. Good job Demi.
  4. I hope you don't mind if I explain it in English, it's faster / easier. All figures are in equivalent album sales. It ads together: - physical singles sales with 0,3 weighting (1m sales are worth 300,000) - digital singles sales with 0,15 weighting (10m sales are worth 1,500,000) - audio streams with 1/1500 weighting (1,5m streams are worth 1,000) - video streams with 1/11750 weighting (117,5m views are worth 10,000) - the share of every album sales that the single generated (share defined thanks to streaming figures) For this last point, let's take the example of Thriller. It sold 65,8m. Streams of its songs were tracked as below: Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' 53,000 (equivalent album sales) Baby Be Mine 10,000 The Girl Is Mine 26,000 Thriller 186,000 Beat It 220,000 Billie Jean 346,000 Human Nature 44,000 P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) 91,000 The Lady in My Life 10,000 In other words, their streams combine for 985,000 SPS, including 35% from Billie Jean, 22% from Beat It, etc. Applying those shares to sales of Thriller, this gives following number of album sales generated by each song: Billie Jean - 23,093,554 Beat It - 14,689,956 Thriller - 12,413,397 P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) - 6,058,877 Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' - 3,552,341 Human Nature - 2,941,946 The Girl Is Mine - 1,764,379 Baby Be Mine - 646,609 The Lady in My Life - 635,969 The same logic is applied to every album, every best of, every music video. That's why the list is dominated by true, big, history-making hits rather than songs which quickly sold many cheap downloads before disappearing into obscurity. "Pure" singles sales have always been dominated by one-hit wonders, because the real hits generate album sales rather their singles sales. This lists shows which songs are really the most popular of all time.
  5. CSPC = Commensurate Sales to Popularity Concept EAS = Equivalent Album Sales It goes beyond SPS because the concept also reassign sales of compilations into original album sales. For example, sales of "The Best" (Ariana's greatest hits from Japan) are distributed into her 3 albums as per streams generated by each of them.
  6. UWC = Includes streaming since January, figures already were inflated anyway ATRL = They list tons of countries (Sweden, Mexico, Denmark, Poland, etc.) which include large amounts of streams as if they were pure sales The truth is inside the article I posted with each record from each format carefully separated to better merge all figures into the final total.
  7. ADELE: 21 ultrapassa 350 semanas na HOT 200A

    Albuns mais altos esta semana que o 21 Albuns mais baixos por pouco mas que vão ficar mais altos em breve Esses todos e mais otros estão na frente / vão ficar a frente do 21. E isso que os discos catalogues so podem estar no ranking desde 2010 senão o 21 nem estaria no Top 50 dos albuns com mais semanas no BB200. E a gente a dizer que vai ficar a frente do DSOTM...